Newsletters and Cards


Business newsletters can be information about the services you provide and how you care for your clients. You can feature special deals, news and product updates. You may have relationships with outside companies you wish to update and keep informed of your products. Maybe your newsletter is for investors or potential clients. Whoever your target audience is, a design can be created that works for you. Personal newsletters may be about crafts, gardening. community projects, theatre groups, family updates, or events. You can send photos and graphics to include in your newsletter. Newsletters can be created on a continuous basis, for example a new newsletter every month or any time schedule you would like.

DC newsletter


Send to your clients warm wishes over the holidays with the words of your choosing for each card. They will think fondly of you for such a kind act which builds client relations. Photos may be included in the cards. Holidays included: Christmas or Chanuka, New Year’s, Easter, St. Patrick’s day, Hanukkah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July. Your card design will be ready for your printer to print.

St.Patricks Day